Sailing, 2020. Photo by a pretty French girl off one of the other boats.

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Book Reviews:

Ed’s San Francisco Chronicle review of Thurston Clark’s Ask Not: The Inauguration of John F. Kennedy and the Speech That Changed America

Book Review: Kay Redfield Jamison’s Superb Psycho-Biography of Robert Lowell


GoLocalProv: Rhode Island Needs To Get Real About Economic Development

GoLocalProv: Remembering Pete Seeger’s Rhode Island Ties at His Centennial

GoLocalProv: #MeToo is Long Overdue

GoLocalProv: The “Glass Ceiling” Has Already Been Shattered

GoLocalProv: We Can Be Heroes

GoLocalProv: Comfort & Sustenance – Why Trump’s Base Loves His Lies


Something That Is Only Slightly About Hemingway

Mannahatta – Walt Whitman in New York

Invisible Man: Herman Melville’s Last Years

Four Great Twentieth Century Writers on the Fast Track to Oblivion

Do “Commercial” and “Popular” Automatically Equate with “Inferior” in Literature? I Think Not

Of Literary Jealousy and the “Impertinent Prosperity” of Bestselling Authors

Remembering Robert Leuci: Hail and Farewell

Personal Essays:

My Own Personal Demon: Bipolar Manic Depression

The Distinguished Thing: A Baby-Boomer Looks at Death

Sailing, 1975. Photo: Pat Lown. Used by permission.