Volvo Ocean Race, Newport, RI.

Ed Renehan publishes, writes, ghostwrites, edits, and consults for a living.

He has authored more than 20 books published under his own name by Doubleday, Crown, Oxford University Press, Basic and other major houses … and has ghostwritten still more, including several New York Times bestsellers. Ed’s ghostwriting clients have included leading entrepreneurs, business consultants, and celebrities. (If you have a project in mind, reach out to Ed to schedule a free telephone or Skype consultation.)

Ed began his publishing career in 1980 with entry level positions at Wiley and St. Martin’s Press, eventually going on to become Director of Computer Publishing Programs at MBCI/Macmillan. Moving to Rhode Island from New York in 1994, he thereafter pursued his own projects as an author, book-packager, and consultant.

“Excellent. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative read.” – Steve Buscemi, actor/director

In 2010, Ed founded the digital-native publishing initiative New Street, in which the Renehan family still holds a position although the firm is managed by others. At the moment, New Street has some 85 titles in print in various formats: digital, paper, and audio. Imprints include New Street Nautical Audio.

Ed is an avid sailor, a former board member of The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and other sailing/environmental organizations, and a founding member – along with Stewart Brand and the late John Perry Barlow – of The Long Now Foundation. He is also a member of PEN American Center and The National Arts Club.

Ed’s consulting clients have included the Publications Division of The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum¬†and The Ruth Mott Foundation.

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