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For every book that Ed Renehan has published wearing his own name as author, he’s ghostwritten many more for various individuals in the financial and tech industries, for corporate entities, and for non-profits.

Ed’s book-length clients have included Forbes Books, the Publications Division of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Ruth Mott Foundation. He has also ghosted op-eds and other pieces that have appeared in publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal to Forbes and The San Francisco Chronicle.

University of Michigan Press – “[A] lively, engaging, and sympathetic portrait.” – THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Check Ed’s LinkedIn Profile for details, reviews, recommendations, and a complete rundown on his publishing career which includes seven years as Director of Computer Publishing Programs at Macmillan/MBCI and its successor organization, Newbridge.

Ed’s areas of expertise include digital technology as applied in business settings, finance/investment, management, leadership, business memoir, and related topics.

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